No Dumb Questions

A Science guy (Destin) from the deep south hashes things out with a Humanities/History guy (Matt) from the wild west.
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No Dumb Questions

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Mar 1, 2017

Matt and Destin introduce the world to "The Fifty-Fifty" and respond to the first wave of listener feedback... which makes for a great opportunity to unpack the nature of feedback in general; giving it, receiving it, and the dangers associated with over-responding to as well as under-delivering on feedback given to us by loved ones.

Intro: Matt pitching a tent

Ad 1 - What is The Fifty-Fifty?

Section 1 - Listening to the Feedback

Very clear thesis statement as requested: “Should we listen to the feedback?”

Analyzing the feedback we received about the podcast itself

An engineering look at feedback and its uses in control theory (Example: Tracking a rocket).

Discussions about Matt’s feedback from teaching at a university.

Boardgames used as teaching aids

Battlefield simulations without immediate feedback

Canoeing vs Pilot Induced Oscillations

Ad 2 - Consequences of losing the Fifty-Fifty

Section 2 - The Veldt

The Veldt - Ray Bradbury

deadmau5 feat. Chris James - The Veldt (Music Video)

deadmau5 discovers vocals for “The Veldt” (Crude Language Warning) -

Original vocal track by Chris James:

Providing negative feedback after extended positive feedback.

Using technology to calm children

Casting your pearls before swine:

Ad 3 - The Fifty-Fifty triple-down

"Blood oath covenant with yourself and with the very notion of integrity".

Or you could always skip the risk of ruining your life by just going straight to Patreon:

Section 3 - Listener Questions Lightning Round

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