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A Science guy (Destin) from the deep south hashes things out with a Humanities/History guy (Matt) from the wild west.
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No Dumb Questions


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Apr 8, 2017

The Grabbler

This episode is sponsored by Audible. Go to to get a free trial you can use to pickup Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. The book is clever and interesting, and we're going to be discussing it in a future episode.

***This episode has SPOILERS about the movie "Logan". If you want to skip those for the time being, you can fast-forward from the moment we warn you to 00:26:30.

Also brought to you by The REVAMPED, RESTORED, AND BETTER THAN EVER Fifty-Fifty at

Section 1 - Dazzle Camouflage

Dazzle Camoflage:

Battle of Salamis:

Ad 1 - Audible

Use that link to get a one month free trial that you can use to get and consume Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. We'll be talking about this in a future episode.

RP1 wikipedia entry -


Section 2 - Logan *Spoilers

Skip the spoilers by jumping ahead from our in-episode spoiler warning to 00:26:30.

Logan Trailer (featuring Johnny Cash's Hurt)


Section 3 - A Pastor Dealing With Tragedy

The sermon Destin is Referencing

Great, animated summary of the book of Job

Martyrs Read Joel Osteen Tweets

Section 4 - 3D Printable Houses

Apis-cor 3D printed house

Ad 2 - The Yet Further Improved Fifty-Fifty

The fifty-fifty is a game where you go to and play by clicking on one of the two boxes. If you win, you're getting the Gummi Bears theme song and you'll have the chance to support us on Patreon. If you lose, you'll be forced to watch the worst song in the history of church and the internet, and you'll have the chance to support us on Patreon.

A huge thanks to all of our existing Patrons! Your support makes it possible to make more and better content, and it's just a big giant encouragement to us personally. 

Section 5 - Occupational Misconceptions

Section 6 - What If a Conjoined Twin Murdered Someone?

Conjoined Twins: An Historical, Biological and Ethical Issues Encyclopedia

The Italian incident Destin referenced


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